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Physical Therapy

Whether you are recovering from surgery, suffered an injury, learning how to prevent re-occurring injuries or just ready to enhance your overall fitness and function, the staff at AMCG is committed to helping you reach your goals!

Our physical therapists (PTs) work to relieve pain, expand mobility and most important improve strength, movement and function. Through evaluation and treatment programs our PTs can help correct current problems as well as identify and prevent future physical ills. You will learn exercises to restore your strength, flexibility and mobility.  During one-on-one care you will receive hands-on therapy to obtain fastest recovery possible.


● Neck and Back Pain ● Sports Injuries
● Work-related Injuries ● Headaches/ Migraines
● Tendonitis ● Arthritis
● Sprain/ Strains ● Sciatica
● Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ● Rotator Cuff Injuries
● Scoliosis ● Plantar Fasciitis
● Knee and Ankle Injuries ● Tingling and Numbness
● Shoulder Injuries ● AND OTHERS…



We help our patients improve and maintain functional abilities through passive, active therapies and biomechanics.


PASSIVE THERAPIES do not require your participation. Passive therapies include electrical stimulation, ultrasound, manual therapy, cold and moist heat.

● Electrical Stimulation or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) – delivers mild and painless electrical current through your skin to specific nerves. The current produces mild heat which helps reduce pain, relief stiffness and improve range of motion. This noninvasive treatment is used to control acute and chronic pain.

● Ultrasound – noninvasive therapy used to treat muscle pain, tendon and ligament injury, joint problems, muscle spasms and other related conditions. Ultrasound involves transmitting high frequency sound waves through the skin, deep into tissues.

● Manual Therapy – consists of manipulation and mobilization. The physical therapist positions you on the table and manually moves segments of the body, thus restoring and increasing mobility and alleviating pain.

● Cold and moist heat therapy- ice reduces blood flow and helps decrease swelling, inflammation and pain. Heat increases blood circulation which is important for delivering nutrients and removing waste from affected area. Heat relaxes stiff and sore muscles.


ACTIVE THERAPIES are therapeutic exercises that increase flexibility, endurance and build strength. Our physical therapisst will develop therapeutic exercise program to meet your individual needs. Benefits include:

Greater flexibility

Strength and muscle tone

Pain relief

Improved balance and coordination

Stimulation of cardiovascular system



Our physical therapists will teach you how to maintain good posture to protect yourself from stress and sprains. We will also teach you how apply biomechanics during activities of daily living such as walking, standing, getting up from chair or bed, lifting and carrying objects, work related activities and other movements that might cause new injury or re-injury.



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